How is the working principle of concrete mixing station?

2024-05-31 17:31

In the construction industry, there is often a fine division of labor, there are many fine jobs, such as mixing powder, sand and stone, mainly to let the mixer power on, and then the operation interface is human-machine dialogue, so that the system is initialized when it starts, mainly including the amount of production time, slump, formula number, etc. In fact, the grade of concrete is also more important, in the process of testing, generally used is the measuring hopper, and then the bin. Signals such as full or empty material can be output, and then for the relevant operators, you can also see how the mixing process is controlled.


The concrete mixing station needs to open the butterfly valve of the cement tank and fly ash, so that the spiral motor can be started, which is how the fly ash is delivered, and then the water tank is opened, the metering bucket flows into the admixture and water, after the measurement, it will be required to set, and then the metering bucket door is opened, if some ingredients are input in the mixer, And then you mix it up and you stir it up, and it's going to be good for people. That's basically how this aspect works. Specifically, today's work in this area is becoming more and more sophisticated, and has been rapidly developed, people are very fond of such concrete.

Concrete mixing station in the construction industry obviously brought some convenience to people, mainly that it is a good process, can give people a good impact, now, this aspect has a good development prospects, its future can develop better and better, to bring great help.


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