What are the advantages of sheet cement silo?

2024-05-31 17:26

Laminated cement silo is a cement silo, which is the production method of dividing the cement silo into pieces, and is a cement silo that can be used after being transported to the site after modular production and processing and assembled by bolts.


The nine characteristics and advantages of sheet cement silo are as follows:

1. Sheet cement silo body diameter can be arbitrarily designed according to needs, can be designed 20-60 meters.

2, the ratio of height to diameter is generally between 1:1.1 and 1:1.5.

3. The sheet cement warehouse body is generally cylindrical, the top and bottom of the warehouse are spherical, and the foundation is circular drum. According to the requirements of the site and the factory, it can also be built into a single font, product font, instrument font, single row, or multi-row warehouse (warehouse) or warehouse (warehouse) group.

4. Large storage capacity: 1-500,000 tons can be stored, and a large-capacity storage group can be formed.

5, the operation cost is low, the discharge system adopts patented technology, the flake cement bin ton discharge energy consumption is about 0.3-0.5 degrees;

6, low maintenance cost, ton maintenance cost 0.1 yuan/year;

7, sheet cement silo can be applied to cement, fly ash reserve, can also store oil, chemical raw materials, food, feed, etc.


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