How to maintain and pay attention to the equipment of mixing station

2024-05-31 17:20

In order to the normal operation of the mechanical equipment of the mixing station, maintenance and regular inspection are necessary work, and the following will tell you about the inspection and maintenance work of the mixing station.


1. Mixing station before the use of inspection work

First of all, check the air compressor self-protection device in the mixing station, whether the air pressure is stable, check whether the water pump is satisfied, and whether the pipeline is smooth; Whether the bin hopper door, cement hopper door, intermediate aggregate hopper door, discharge door, etc. are flexible and reliable to close, check whether the link bolt of the blade of the mixing machine is firm; Check whether the electrical devices are safe and reliable, and whether the limit switch action switch is flexible and reliable; Check whether there is enough lubricating oil in each lubricating point and reducer.

2. Clean up after each use

Clean up the accumulated material inside and outside the concrete mixer and on the material door, and rinse it off; Fill each lubrication point with lubricant, especially at the sealing of the shaft end, must not be omitted; In winter, the liquid in the water purification road should be put; Exhaust the gas and water in the air compressor reservoir; After shutdown, all switches will be in non-working state and cut off the power supply.

3. Check and maintain every week

Check the condensation of the residual concrete in the mixing tank. If there is condensation, the machine should be shut down for removal (pay attention to the special care of cutting off the power supply). Check the gap between the mixing blade and the liner, and adjust if there is any inappropriate; Check whether the gas system is leaking and whether the cylinder operation is reliable; Check the quality and liquid level of the lubricating oil in the gearbox, and fill or replace it if necessary; Check whether the suction bottom valve in the water supply system is reliable; Check whether the electrical components are damaged, repair or replace if necessary, check whether the wiring is loose; Unscrew the silting plug, check the sealing condition of the shaft end, and release the silting plug after unscrewing.

4. January check maintenance

Check the belt tension of the mixing station, and make appropriate adjustments; Check the wear of blade and liner; Check whether the link bolts of the upper and lower frames, silos, large inclined belt conveyor and other components are firm and whether the foundation is sinking; Check whether there are clumps and debris in the equipment and screw conveyor of the concrete mixing station, and remove them if there are.

5.   Annual inspection mixing plant and maintenance

In addition to monthly inspection every week, other components should also be inspected for inspection, maintenance and replacement.


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