What should be done for daily maintenance of concrete mixing plant

2024-05-31 17:36

Concrete mixing plant needs daily maintenance, which is more understood by many operators. However, many operators do not know what needs to be done in the daily production of concrete mixing plant maintenance. So, let's take a closer look at what the daily maintenance of the concrete mixing plant needs to do.


The concrete mixing plant equipment to do regular maintenance and repair work, if found blades, lining wear, need to replace as appropriate, regularly check the transmission gear, and appropriate grease. In order to prevent the residual concrete from solidification and agglomeration, which will hinder the normal operation of the machine, the concrete mixer and the hopper should be cleaned every four hours, and the inspection work should be done regularly to ensure the operation of the production equipment.

Regularly do a good job of lubrication maintenance of equipment bearings, reducer and other parts, summer dry easy to dry, do a good job of lubrication of the machine to a certain extent can combat dry weather, in the use of lubricants should pay attention to is: When the lubricating oil level of the air compressor is on the line of the oil mark, when the oil level is lower than the oil mark, add new compressor oil (summer compressor oil No. 19, winter No. 13), and it is strictly prohibited to work in the oil-free state.

Regular maintenance of concrete mixing station can ensure the operation of mechanical equipment, improve production efficiency and reduce production failures.


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